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Start: Installation of Panoramagalerie 11


PPG 11 is a simple possibility to show your panoramas via internet.

Use is free for the photographer of the panoramas. Ask for other licenses.

Demo (with layout 1 and color-style "oldstyle")

Still a lot of translation work to do. Sorry that a big part of the documentation is stil in german and sorry for the bad translation and mistakes.


Layout and color-style can be switched independently. Demos:

Layout 1 with style grauqua
Layout 2 with style oldstyle
Layout 3 with style orange
Layout 4 with style mars
Layout 5 with style berlin
Layout 6 with style elfe
Layout 7 with style clouds
Layout 8 with style moos
Layout 9 with style blue-monday
Layout 10 with style blue-monday
  Short overview:
  1. Upload gallery-folder via FTP to the server
  2. Edit file inc/01.config with a texteditor, including layout-number
  3. Choose your basic language and up to 4 other languages in the 01.config-file
  4. Edit associated file layouts/layout-number with a texteditor
  5. Open style-editor "stileditor/index.php" with user/pass, load style-template, edit, save your own templates.
  6. Edit module 31,32,34 in folder inc with a text-editor and insert your own textes
  7. Upload panoramas, thumbs, and others

For a test just upload the folder ppg10 to a PHP-server an open index.php viea internet. It should work without any modifications.

PPG10 produces a Virtual Database out of the file-structure within the folder "panos/sortiert".

Load your own panoramas to the folder panos/sortiert, Within "panos/sortiert" sort panoramafiles within region-folders. Upload JPEG-thumbs with the appropriate basename to the folder "panos/thumbs".

Other possible database types are textdatabase and MySQL.
Languages and database:

There are 3 database-types which you can chooss from in the config-module. It depends on the database-type, which elements of the page can be translated in more than one language.

  1. Virtual Database (files and folders generate the database): Only the basic elements of the page are translated. Panorama names, regions and textes stay in the basic language
  2. Textfile-database (database is stored in the files daten.txt and regions.txt): Only the basic elements of the page are translated. Panorama names, regions and textes stay in the basic language
  3. MySQL-database: All elements names and textes can be translated in up to four languages.

The gallery in the basic languge, here german

The gallery switched to english, when Virtual Database or textdatabase is used. The names of the regions stay german.

The gallery switched to English, when MySQL database is used. The names of the regions are translated. Also panorama-names and textes can be translated
1. Load file (34MB)

Unzip and upload the folder to your server. It must support PHP.

You can also install PPG10 on a local PHP-Server, for example XAMP (PC) or MAMP(Mac).

The PPG10-folder contains a large amount of example-files, wich are helpful to understand the mechanism of PPG10.

This example-files can be trashed to reduce the size of the galerie when uploading.

There is no working Flash-Player in the galerie. All existing Flash-Player must be bought, for example Krpano and Flashpanoramaplayer. Links under Player (German)
2. Choose database-type. (not necessary with Virtual Database).

Open file with a texteditor, choose your database-type. For MySQL-database insert your access-data. More under Basiskonfiguration (German)
3. Choose your basic language You can also choose up to 4 more languages for international support All informations concerning languages language-documentation
4. Insert your panorama-data to the database. (not necessary with Virtual Database)
• with a texteditor when textdatabase is active
• with PHPMyAdminor similar for MySQL

You can insert name of panorama, base filename, appropriate Region, shorttext, longtext, and GPS-coordinates.

Use the file hilfsdateien/daten.sql to set up the MySQL-database.

To use the text-database you have to insert your data in the files daten.txt and region.txt on the first folder-level. More under Datenbanken (German)

For Virtual Database More under Datenbanklos (German)
5. Switch usable panoramaplayer if you want.

There are player for all browser-plugins. Default:
Deval for Quicktime- .movs
Quicktime for Quicktime-.movs
krpano for Flash equirectangular .jpg and multiresolution files (commercial, krpano.swf on first folder-level just works local
Pure Player for Java, equirectanguler .jpg
Spi-V for Shockwave, equirectangular .jpg
Choose your favourite player in the file inc/

All panorama Flash Player are commercial. They use defferent filetypes. Quicktime (FPP2), JPG(krpano), SWF(Pano2VR) IVP (PuerPlayer für Flash). Only one Flash Player can be activated in PPG10.

The commercial Flashplayer krpano and Flash Panorama Player are initialized in PPG10, just the players istself are missing. Put krpano.swf and krpano.license on the first level of the gallery or the fpp2-files inside the "fpp2"-folder. More under Player (German).
6. Upload your panoramas via FTP to the Server.

You can also upload a Zoomify-version and/or a Multiresolution-version (krpano) of your panorama
You can change the appropriate panorama-folders in the file inc/

Upload your panoramas for use with Virtual Database to a appropriate region-folder within the folder "panos/sortiert",

Standard for use with database "panos/quicktime" und "panos/java". More under Ordner (German).
7. Upload your Thumbs) per FTP to the server.

There are different kinds of thumbs in the gallery, small thumbs for Uebersicht (Overview) and large thumbs for "Aktuell" (New Panoramas).
Standardsize for small Thumbs is 170x85, for large Thumbs 900x 450.

Small thumbs are generated automatically when you open the equirectangularen version of a panoramas. Just switch FTP-rights of the thumb-folder to "write for everybody.

If ther is no large version of the panorama in the "aktuell"-folder, the version in the equirectangular-folder is used as a thumb..

More under Thumbs (German).
8. Switch your layout. The color-style is more or less independent from the layout.

Choose one of the 10 basic layouts and change the settings to your needs. There are a lot of option to change, concerning size and displayed elements.
More under the 100 layouts in the Layoutpreview (German). Dont mind the colours, you can change them later. Choose a number and change the layout-number in the file More under Basiskonfiguration. (German)

The layout-options of the choosen layout must be change in the appropriate layout-file in the folder "layouts". More under Layouteinstellungen (German).
9, Change the colour-stile.
There is a colour-style editor in the gallery (stileditor/index.php). default: user/pass.


Before working with the colour-style editor you have to change some file-permissions via FTP. Set permissions of all files layout-style[Nr].php in the folder "css/" and of the folder "css/vorlagen" to write-enabled.

Load one of th color-templates from the popup-menu on the top of the editor. To apply, dont forget to click "Eintragen" on bottom of the page.

You can change most of the colours on the page, exchange menus and background-images and insert additional CSS-lines to your page. The colour-related CSS is generated by the script inc/css1.css.php.

10. Change the basic texts of your gallery to your needs. Change the basic content of the home, legal notice and overview page in module 31, 32, 33 and 34 in the folder inc/. More under language of the documentation. Insert HTML-formated text, don´t add HTML-head or body-tags.